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Sister Cities  - One4Review

Set in New York, Sister Cities is a contemporary drama written by Colette Freedman who also appears in the play. It is a beautifully constructed work with flashes of real insight and humour. Mary Baxter (Jill Gascoine), a woman in her 70’s and who has led an eventful life, has died in unusual circumstances. Austin (Collette Freedman), a writer and one of her four daughters and who still lived with her, calls her three sisters. They arrive at the house .There is Carolina (Susan Ziegler) the oldest, recently divorced and a top lawyer; Dallas (Nickella Moschettii) a teacher and happily married. and Baltimore (Jade Sealey) the youngest at 26 and still a student. The conversations between the sisters sizzle since Mary has had her daughters by four different husbands in four different locations. They sisters are not naturally close. The play is in 5 Scenes. Mary appears in Scene 4, set one week earlier. This is a pivotal part of the play. First, she is in conversation with Austin and then alone when she looks back on her life. In the final scene, tension mounts as the sisters through off any pretence and they reveal their innermost thoughts and emotions. Wonderfully acted and under the sharp direction of Elise Robertson, this is a play that should cause us to reflect on some of the values of Western society. *****

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