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Storytellers' Club  - One4Review

A lot of late night shows cater for a late night audience.  A group of people who have already been out for a significant portion of the evening and are looking for a good way to end up their evening.  Often this means that a show can be full of people that are loud, lairy and willing to give the acts a bit of a rough ride.  And often this type of atmosphere can be fantastic to be part of.    However, sometimes you want a late night show that’s a bit more sedate, a bit less of a bear pit.  And in that case, you absolutely must to go to The Storytellers’ Club. Set in the basement of C Central The Storytellers’ Club is a simple show.  Various acts from the Fringe come along and entertain the audience by, well, telling stories.  The night I attended had performances by, among others, Rob Heeney, Kerry Goodliman, Mark Allen and Josie Long.  Our host for the night was Sarah Bennetto.  What followed was 90 minutes of warmth and laughter.  The comedians seemed under a lot less pressure and the camaraderie shown between them highlighted a really positive aspect of Fringe culture. The audience is encouraged to participate in a little short story competition, although you’re under no pressure to do so if you don’t wish to.  However, the mood is so relaxed that even the more reticent members of the audience opened up and told their tales.  The whole experience of being part of The Storytellers’ Club for this one night was wonderful.  I only wish I could go back every Saturday night.  *****

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