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Sweet Charity - One4Review

This version of Sweet Charity is polished and slick. Directors Richard Brownlie-Marshall and Zoe Thomas must take much credit for keeping the action flowing in one continuous act. Also, all the principals performed their roles successfully, bringing out the comedy effectively. Naturally, with any amateur company there are deficiencies. The sound of the musical backing was a touch too loud at times, and, in the dance sequences, it is very obvious which dancer is the choreographer. However, the lead singers were performing without mikes and Becky Warburton’s choreography was well thought out. Claire Wallace as Charity Valentine shoulders the lead role by putting in a sterling performance. All the shows famous songs ‘Hey, Big Spender’, Rhythm of Life’ and ‘If my friends could see me now’ are stylishly presented. From the programme notes it is stated that it is the society’s first appearance at the Fringe and their first full length show. All concerned with this production can be satisfied with a job well done. ***

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