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The Butler Did It? - The Musical - One4Review

It is often said that if it is not broken then don’t fix it and in my opinion that is what has happened with this show. Last year I witnessed their non-musical version of this and was thoroughly impressed with the whole package, good, fun if slightly silly script, good acting and direction in a restrictive space and with me also liking musical theatre I thought I was on for sure fire winner. Boy was I disappointed. Although the storyline was in essence the same, the changes and the songs for me at least destroyed what was a very good piece into a show I couldn’t wait to end. I also felt that the direction was suspect, It’s all very well making use of the gallery in the Debating Hall to cut out the delays of scene changes, but when this action takes place behind 75% of the audience….. well need I say more!! Nothing pains me more than being so negative about any company’s efforts, but I cannot think of anything positive to say and unfortunately a large part of the audience in the performance I saw were unimpressed, given the lack of response and the negative body language I was only too aware of. *

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