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The Terrible Infants - One4Review

Since first seeing Les Enfants Terribles Theatre Company they have taken a total change in direction, for me it’s definitely for the better. I personally did not get to see them last year but took the opportunity to go this Fringe. Wow what a show! Based upon a series of twisted tales by Oliver Lansley who co-produced and performs as the story teller and other characters, we watch a strange company of traveling players as they unfold a series of cautionary tales. Oliver along with Matthew Ian Kelly, Nicole Lewis, Thomas Gisby and Rachel Dawson, act, sing, dance, work puppets, do the set changes and play musical instruments to entertain audiences of adults and children alike. The sketches and stories work on multiple levels it is surprising they don’t tie themselves up in their own tail. Very cleverly written and beautifully performed the props and puppets alone are worth seeing. Retro these days are thought to be chic therefore this show should be definitely in fashion. ****

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