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The Wau Wau Sisters 'After-Party' - One4Review

I haven’t a clue as how to describe this set up or show. The Wau Wau sisters, Tanya and Adrienne. Are they singers? Are they comedians? Are the circus performers? Are they musicians? Are they burlesque performers? Are they even sisters? Well I think the answer to all of the above is yes. These New York based girls are holding their after party in the Baby Belly and on entering the space the ladies greet us all dressed as caricature Country & Western girl singers and after a bit of comedy warming up the audience out come the guitars and the party begins and doesn’t cease until the end. The girls love to party, beer  is quaffed, songs are sung, audience members are involved in assisting the girls change, but their underlying skill is there throughout. Their circus skills are something to behold, how can such slight forms have the strength and do do half of what they are capable. My mind just boggles. The introduction of a magician partway through to enable another change was the only break they got in excess of an hour, I think they deserved it, heralded the finale and they end of a chaotic, yet entertaining late show, and a good fun way to finish off the Fringe day. ****

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