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Umbrage Swain & the Magical Diamond of Ramtutti  - One4Review

The world needs heroes, but is it quite ready for Umbrage Swain. Transported back to the 1980’s New Romantics, cheesy pop songs, adventure films, big hair and timote moments.  Tina Freer finds her explorer grandfather struck down by a mysterious malady, just before lapsing into a catatonic state he is able to give Tina a clue to set her on the search for ‘The Magical Diamond of Ramtutiti’ telling her to find Umbrage Swain. The Darkness is once again on the move in search of the magical Diamond to aid his plans for global domination. Although Tina’s grandfather has crossed swords with Umbrage in the past all must be forgiven to join forces against this threat. Umbrage his increasingly stupid sidekick and Tina face many trials on the way not least ‘Gramma Ramma’, ‘The Time Dance’, Genghis Chan, ‘I Know Him So Well’, walking like Egyptians and mounting Ben Nevis?! It’s quite strange but I have avoided this company after having a bad experience at the press launch, two years ago (they scare me) and chose the show by title and description in the Fringe Programme. I’m still a little scared, but this time it is the weird new romantic prince charming way. The storyline got a little silly at times and some of the one liners worse than groanable but the pop music, costumes and characterisations more than made up for that. Starring James Wren, Richard Glover Louie Bayliss, Felicity Wren, Mark Lyminster and Millie Reeves. This is a great rollicking fun show verging on pantomime, for those of us young enough to remember the 80’s it’s probably more fun reliving the experience. ****

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