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Bitch Got Owned!   Free - One4Review

Sajeela Kershi first came to our notice after meeting Geoff in the queue for what was to become an award winning show in 2007. She was performing as part of a three-woman act which he subsequently went to. Last year Geoff went to see Sajeela in a two hander. This year she is an exceptionally busy woman with two shows ‘Spirits of The Fringe’ which Sajeela hosts and ‘Bitch Got Owned!’ her one-woman stand-up. Having seen several female comedians I was looking forward to seeing another aspect of the apparently ‘nonexistent’ female comedy scene. Sajeela is certainly unique, as I have not yet seen any other comedian with the spin she has. Her life story is pretty eventful giving her some very unusual material to use. Some of the things I adored about her set is the soundtrack of tunes she has running through her head, changing tracks for specific situations. Her love of the £1 shops and her mother’s story of the lion and the cat. It was unfortunate that some of the audience were not totally up for Sajeela’s comedy, one of the drawbacks of the Free Fringe, the chattering triplets from hell and the fact that she is still suffering from a bad cold but the show went on and she had more great moments than not. I for one will be back to see her as soon as possible as this lady has phenomenal potential. ***  

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