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Terry Alderton - One4Review

3 Stars ***

Now Alderton has always been a comic I really respected and I thought this large ‘geezer’ could cope with most things.

He bounded onto the stage to Bollywood style entry music and danced around for a moment before having a dilemma with his alter-ego as to which one of two men on the front row was going to be ‘their’ target for the night. The unlucky candidate was then subjected to far more attention than was comfortable for him and in truth the audience too.

One place that he excels at is his ability to create sound effects that are spot on and this was in evidence with the ‘back to the audience dialogue’ that he resorts to more and more as the show progresses.

Never afraid to try, he experiments with a number of different styles of material and to be fair some work very well, while I’m afraid at times other stuff just didn’t.

It can be a hard night, a Saturday evening at the beginning of the Fringe and this can catch out even the most experienced of comedians and I feel on this occasion Terry Alderton fell foul of this particular crowd.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Cabaret Bar

3 to 29 August ( not 15)

21:20 to 22:15

Fringe Brochure P157

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