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NewsRevue - Canal Café Theatre - One4Review

4 Stars ****

Since I have first started reviewing the Edinburgh Fringe back in the dark ages there has always been one show that was high on my list of ‘must sees’ and that is the annual pilgrimage to see those purveyors of the p*isstake Canal Café Theatre and their long running NewsRevue.

The format is a tried and tested one, four actors, this year Amy Westgarth, Annabel King, Richard David Caine and Ton Connor running a whole series of sketches, parodies of songs and off stage voiceovers.

If I was to list the celebrities parodied we would be her all night, but rest assured the likes of Cameron, Clegg, Brown, Mrs Clinton and Berlusconi are there from the political side, Cheryl, Dannii, Davina and Jeremy Kyle and more from the celebrity angle.

A previous cast of this hit show were once dubbed the Silent Assassins and I can see that the label is still fitting for the 2010 class.

Musical Director Peter Smith as always plays piano backing with his undoubted class and the whole package is as professional as always.

This show is always a popular ticket, so don’t delay. This is an early evening institution that should not be missed.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Beyond V 33

4 to 29 August

18-30 to 19-30

Fringe Brochure P 103


  1. peter sowerby

    Very slick, super high energy, fast paced show! A must see. Timing spot on – the talented cast : Amy Westgarth, Annabel King, Richard David Caine and Tom Connor are spot on with fantastic singing and wonderful characterisations. I particularly loved Amy Westgarth and Tom Connors Greek parody, the celebreties who cheat by all four cast, Caine’s George Osborne, Connor’s Cameron, Westgarth’s Thatcher and King’s Jeremy Kyle. Thunderous applause and an elated audience don’t miss it!

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