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Sadie Hasler: Lady Bones - One4Review


3 Stars

Sadie Hasler has been at the Fringe on a number of occasions previously, but the only time I have seen her was as an integral part of shows performed by he husband Russell Kane, and a 20 minutes slot at The Stand Comedy Club earlier in the year.

Ms Hasler is a comedy actress rather than a stand-up, and what she has decided to do in this show is to use her undoubted mimicry talents to put together a series of comedy sketches using famous women in somewhat strange settings.

Katharine Hepburn, Charlotte Bronte, Sylvia Plath, Fanny Craddock, Myra Hindlay, Marie Curie, Iris Murdoch and Germaine Greer are her women of choice and Ms Hasler voices them clearly and distinctly as they flow in and out of her hour long show.

The monologues do vary in length and one is never sure who is appearing or reappearing next, but she has managed to weave humour, occasionally wacky humour in to each section.

This is certainly a different slant on the comedy market, and one that is well executed. As someone who watches a lot of comedy during the Fringe, I can say this was a pleasure to see something different and a very enjoyable way to spend on hour during the afternoon. I’m sure most, if not all of the audience would concur.


Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Cellar V 33

4 to 30 August

15-30 to 16-30

Fringe Brochure P 118

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