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Camille O'Sullivan:  The Dark Angel - One4Review

Okay let’s get the confession out of the way to start with. I think Camille O’Sullivan is one of the best performers of her genre, Ever. And I have done so since the very first time I laid eyes on her about 4 years ago in the lamented Spiegel tent. However, I feared that the vast space that Assembly Halls is may detract from the intimate cabaret feel that is a vital part of her charm, but fortunately I was wrong. It worked brilliantly and it gave the chance for around eight hundred souls to appreciate her exceptional talented lady. Ms O’Sullivan has the knack to make me feel she is singing for me personally and her sultry, sensuous, smoldering, sexy, style certainly has the wow factor. As always with this stunning artiste her choice of music is wide, from the smokiest ballads, to raunchy rock, to comedy songs, Cave, Bowie, Brel, Keane, McCall and others pour from this chanteuse as she hams it up at time, exudes sex appeal by the bucket load, yet with the mischievous twinkle in her eye throughout.  For well in excess of her allotted hour Camille held the packed crowd enthralled. You could hear a pin drop in the ‘Look Mummy no Hands’ number for example, yet it was not enough. A standing ovation was the least she deserved and as soon as she performed one extra number, she slipped away, as quietly as she arrived, together with he excellent 5 piece backing band under the leadership of MD Fergal Murray there was no more. Do yourself a favour. Kill to get a ticket if there are any left. But you will have to beat me to it in queue. I am only allowed to allot a maximum of 5 stars for each show. That is not enough!! I would like to be like that Dubai hotel and have at least 7 stars for this.   *****  

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