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Howard Jones  -  The Acoustic Nights - One4Review

Howard Jones  –  The Acoustic Nights
Eighty’s electro pop Icon Howard Jones Is doing a limited acoustic set at the Gilded Balloon Teviot.  Admittedly although I was aware of Howard during his ‘Pop Star years’ I couldn’t say I was a, for want of a better term, fan.  The fact that his name and musical numbers brought back memories prompted me to go and see him. To say I am finding it difficult to review is an understatement, I just sat back and enjoyed the evening’s entertainment. A show packed full of good music, some brand new to me and some very familiar.  Howard playing his electronic keyboard and singing accompanied by Robin Boult on acoustic guitar. It is a pleasure to be able to sit back for an hour or so not having to concentrate on the plot, acting, costume, direction but just listening to two very talented musicians play some excellent music. I enjoyed the show so much I went out and bought my first Howard Jones CD, his new one.


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