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Daniel Rigby: The Mothwokfantastic - One4Review

Daniel Rigby’s comedy is fast, physical and charged with energy. The title of the show is an indication that silliness will be featured and it is – marvellously so! He performs individually as when he does several comedy songs, for instance about Alison the worm and her desire to be an investment banker. The bulk of the show is comprised of sketches which build up in intensity as the show builds to its climax. There are numerous highlights I could describe but I will simply mention his impression of an aged iconic stage actress being interviewed is uncannily spot on. He is ably assisted by Julian Stolzenberg who takes on the role of the straight man. They also manage to pack into the hour a couple of running gags. Their impression of a duo that is into an obscure form of Hungarian folk dancing is hilarious. I reckon Daniel Rigby is going to build up a following with his fresh, varied brand of humour and strong material.   *****  

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