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Free & Easy - One4Review

Stu & Garry’s improvised comedy is just belly laugh hilarious. They play a series of games with the suggestions from the audience. Their collective timing is brilliant and the quips razor sharp. Their contrasting personalities make for a successful blend. Stu has a dry wit. Garry is the excitable extrovert. They split their set into two. They open with an A-Z routine, alternating their lines on an occupation. ‘Parliamentary pirate’ was the one they ran with and the laughs came with each letter. In the first set a chemist shop scene and James Bond also featured. They were joined in the second set by Tiffany Stevenson who has a show at the Gilded Balloon. She gelled straightaway in the game ‘Scenes you would like to see’. The suggestion ‘Jane Austen – Pride and Predator’ was my favourite. They featured a bit of high culture with Garry and Tiffany singing a duet from the opera ‘Tupperware’ in some form of Italian, with Stu giving the translation. I have just mentioned some examples of their routines. The guys only have several weekend slots on the Fringe but they do a regular Sunday lunchtime slot at The Stand Comedy Club all year round. My advice is arrive early because they are building up a local following, and it is free.   *****   

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