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Jason Cook:  Fear - One4Review

This is the third year in a row I have been to see Jason Cook and although Geoff has seen him perform at the Stand Comedy Club, Jason’s Fringe ticket is mine! This show is about ‘Fear’ not just Jason’s fears but the fears and phobias of his whole audience and the world. Utilising visuals to aid his points he displays some of the top phobia triggers, spiders, bees and wasps, bats, heights etc and then goes on to find out those in the audience who share his fears. He also covers relationships and his greatest fear of all, at the moment, the birth of his first child. He spends some time asking us, and himself how he can become a dad, as he has yet to grow up. Jason then shares some personal family moments and the revelation he could after all be a great dad. Having seen Jason’s comedy mature over the past three years and considering the topics with which he has poured out his soul to us his audience.  I am of no doubt his fears are unfounded and he will be a great dad. Very unusual and unconventional, but a great dad. I love Jason’s stile of comedy and he always has me laughing from start to finish, his sense of family values always come over strongly and despite always having audience interaction it is never threatening or scary. For me his this show was superb and he will be recommended to anyone who will listen. ***** Ps Today Thursday 13th August is Jason’s birthday. Happy Birthday Jason!  

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