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 Kevin Tomlinson - Seven Ages - One4Review

Improvised comedy works well when a talented performer is given innovative ideas and the audience volunteers feel comfortable and enter into the spirit of the routines. With Kevin Tomlinson’s performance, all the elements came together beautifully to give a funny and varied show. The show’s structure is based on our lives from infancy to old age and the use of half masks successfully conveys each age. There was a guest appearance from Fiona McKinnon who played the mother in the childhood sketch. Both successfully bounced the lines of each other, the timing working really well. The final scene portrays old age when an old man is looking back on his life. This was both funny and poignant as he picked up on how the previous ages had developed during the show. How an airline pilot from a humble beginning as the son of a bin man changed career to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a chocolate manufacturer. There is the feeling with improvised comedy that we are seeing a unique performance. Given the early evening timing, the age range of the audience covered a wide spectrum and it was clear that all age groups enjoyed the flow of spontaneous humour.   ****  

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