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Paul Sinha: 39 Years of Solitude - One4Review

Paul Sinha is a comic I have been aware of for sometime but this was the first time I had seen him do a full length show and having heard good reports was really looking forward to seeing him. I was not disappointed. Sinha is a very well educated man, well he is a qualified doctor after all, and the strength of his material, a lot based on the fact that he has been single since 1991, is a reflection of this. Sinha , a British Asian and openly gay has been doing stand-up for a while now, but is still pestered by the media on various specific issues in relation to his ethnicity, something he is not happy about as he informs one and all, and illustrates the point with some anecdotal material. What he is into is quizzes, the more the merrier and it is amazing how what could seem a fairly dry topic for humour can spawn so much excellent material. He comes across as a mild mannered chap and a very enjoyable comedian. But don’t cross him!!! Revenge is a dish best served cold as one check-out operator found out!! I know time is running out in Fringe 2009, but try and squeeze this show in if you can. It’s just what the doctor ordered.   ****  

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