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Searching for Eden - One4Review

This production really gets back to basics and in more ways than one is totally stripped back. The set consists of three black boxes, the costumes? Designed and created by Mother Nature herself. In the beginning there was man, who was quietly content with his lot. With nothing to do, nobody to bother him, why shouldn’t he be? But this idyll was about to be shattered with the arrival of woman. Woman wanted to explore everything, name every thing, find out every thing about man. Completely the opposite of man in fact. There are further developments in the complex initial relationships, and the dialogue is well written most of the time, however Eve’s excursions into bouts of listing of things, occasionally was for me a little too much. Although there is constant full nudity throughout, there is a total innocence feel about this production. It was well acted and directed generally, however occasionally I felt Eve was rushing her lines and sometimes things were lost by the audience. Unfortunately there was no information forthcoming about the show, no names of actors, writers directors information in spite of speaking to press offices and phoning several times, which is unfortunate as credit is certainly due to all. That aside the message I got from the production was no matter what might be said in the Bible, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus even back then.   ***  

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