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Your Number's Up - One4Review

This is a very confusing piece of theatre, you felt at times things were going wrong and that the show was nowhere ready for an audience. As the show progressed and I got used to this style I could see just how these interruptions fitted in to the play and how they actually helped understand the final outcome. The Roundhouse Theatre Company is made up of 10 young performers who went on a journey with professional writer Philip Osment and actor / director Jim Pope ‘Your Number’s Up’ is the result of this journey and cooperation. It is not only the performance aspect they have covered but the seven strong technical tem have completed the Roundhouse Technical Theatre Course. Once you get used to the style of performance you get dragged in to the intertwined storylines portrayed on stage. As in real life there are times when several conversations are going on at once and you have to make the choice as to which you follow. This is very important, as it is this that affects the way you vote at the end. There is a murder on stage and it is up to the audience each performance to decide who dies! It is therefore possible to have 8 endings. Confusing it may be at first but this is the sort of new innovative theatre the Fringe was developed to display. The performers are, Arielle Brown, Angus Scott-Miller, Bamshad Abedi-Amin,Carly Halse, Greta Gould, Osy Ikhile, Piers Robinson, Reni Krisnarajha, Sarach Brion and Yolanda Mpele. ****  

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