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An Ofsted Inspector Calls - One4Review

This group of young pupils portray the horror of the impending visit by an Ofsted inspector. In its conception something which struck horror into every teacher and pupil in the country. This very young group portrayed this amiably. The cast list is a little obscure introducing the characters and designations but not actors names. Dr Amelia Hetherington-Smyth the Headmistress, in danger of forced retirement should the inspection go badly. Her ineffectual Deputy Head Mr Hendry who is almost terrorized by the pupils. Miss Dearey the school secretary who mothers the younger male teachers due to the real sadness in her life. For me these were the top three performances although it is obvious everyone in the cast is given their all. Some of the parts are easier to play than others, in particular the naughty accident-prone who gets the blame for everything. The performance space they are working in is an awkward space and the direction at times seemed to be fighting against rather than working with the area. The energy and gusto these kids put into the performance will tighten up the show and improve the production throughout the run. ***

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