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Art House - One4Review

This play written by Rachel Coopes, starts with painter Charlie, in a remote studio having faked her death for fame and fortune and her only contact with the outside world is with younger sister Viva, providing her food and selling her paintings , entering her work for prizes some against her will, With simple devises to show time lapse the change in dynamics are marked, Charlie becoming more imprisioned and Viva relishing the freedom and power she hold over her older sister. Caroline Horton and Emily Randall breathe life into the sisters and direction by Daniel Goldman is spot on throughout, and although it would be hard to criticise any aspect of this piece, I didn’t find it as captivating as I hoped. That said, it is a quality piece that may be appreciated by you more than me. The afternoon slot this is performed in is an ideal time for this, so why not give it a try? There are certainly a lot of worse ways of spending time during the Fringe.   ****  

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