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Jojo Sutherland:- Goes for the Jocular - One4Review


3 Star

Stand up comedy is a strange art, one that can work in almost any space, from a small room in Edinburgh to a venue as large as the O2 arena, but generally I feel it works best at night.

Jojo Sutherland has really got her work cut out to make every one get in the mood with a show that starts at 12-55, that’s almost pre breakfast in Fringe terms.

The show I attended was rather sparse in attendance, in fact Jojo knew them all by name, but it didn’t stop this lady putting on her full performance.

She has a line of material that is largely around herself and her unusual family, with references made to her age, children, issues with money, a recent house move and Facebook. Ms Sutherland’s stuff, sometimes almost akin to a rant on a selection of these topics, were worthy of a bigger audience to appreciate her wit.

It can’t be easy to sell one’s best stuff to single figure audiences, but try she did. I think if the same stuff was programmed at say 8-00pm then it would be a different story.

But don’t let the time put you off. It’s dark in the room so no one could tell it’s not later.


Reviewed by Geoff

Stand IV V 12

12-55 to 13-55

6 to 29 August

Fringe Brochure P 80

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