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Clare Plested :- Vegas, Jesus and Me - One4Review

4Star  ****

Now I was well aware of Clare Plested as a superb comedy actress, one half of the troupe Plested and Brown, but I had never been aware that she did stand-up, or mostly in her case sit down comedy.

Clare has been together with her boyfriend for 14 years now and she called him, for show purposes anyway Jesus. Why? because he was a carpenter and had long hair and a beard, also being raised a good catholic girl it seemed somewhat appropriate.

So when they decided to get married in Vegas it was a good reason for her to write a Fringe show about the build up to and the wedding itself.

Armed with a blackboard and a box of wine for the best part of an hour she related some of her earlier life and whether she should wear a white wedding dress for the event, by keeping score of good and bad things in her life.

Her humour is generally gentle, certainly non confrontational and okay very little is ground breaking, but what the heck it was an entertaining show throughout.

Prior to the finale I was sooooo pleased to see that although Mr Brown was missing, it was obvious their genius props designer had in put, something none of their productions would be the same without.

Reviewed by Geoff

Underbelly Belly Laugh V61

4 to 27 August (not 15)

17:28 to 18:05

Fringe Brochure P58

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