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Wicked Wenches – Stand Comedy Club Edinburgh - 4 October - One4Review

It was a miserable Wednesday night in early October. The much heralded Indian summer had bypassed Edinburgh, except for the monsoon part that is, so how to cheer oneself up? Easy. The first Tuesday in every month see those Wicked Wenches gracing the stage atEdinburgh’ finest comedy club The Stand, so whatever the weather outside the club atmosphere is red hot.

As usual for this show MC was Susan Calman, a perennial favourite both as a comic and media presenter. For once we had to see the sterner side of her as a couple of …. let’s call them disruptive influences,  initially caused an issue or two prior to being firmly put in their place by the Calminator. That aside she was as always everything you could ever hope for in a compere, funny, informative and fact finding for others to follow to pick up on.

The opening act was Kiri Pritchard- Mclean, a new name to me but this welsh lady was obviously in command from the off. She had plenty of stage presence and charisma and a whole swag bag full of material, surprisingly some of it rather dark, a lot clever and some political. All in all she did really well and I look forward to watching per progression in the industry.

Following the first interval and a whole wad of hilarious material from Ms Calman, the lady entrusted with the 10 minute slot was another new name to me Elaine Devlin. She commanded the audience from the off with her calm, easy going style and had a well constructed and delivered set largely based on motherhood, pregnancy and contraception and it certainly had a few twists and turns along the way. Again an act I’d be happy to see more of in the future.

Closing out part two was the diminutive actor comedian singer Ria Lina, the third new name for me, but like the others certainly did her reputation no harm at all.

Although she looks like she is still at High school, in fact she is a wife and mother, Ms Lina has maturity in her performance, and a wicked line of material that had the busy crowd with her throughout. Be it her gags and stories, her comedy songs accompanied by her trusty ukulele or her often slightly self-deprecating style I’m undecided, but I know I would see this performer again with in a heartbeat.

Following the second interval and a prize draw headliner Janey Godley to over and boy did she rock the club.

Now I have see this Glaswegian lady perform a fair few times over the years and have never been disappointed, and certainly on this night I, along with the entire audience it seemed were treated to an exceptional set.

Janey has a knack of always delivering quality material, superbly written, observed and delivered in a style that seems she is talking directly to the individual. The pace is spot on throughout, the laughs flow thick and fast as like the consummate pro she is, Ms Godley delivers in spades. There was only one complaint. How did her set, although 25 minutes in duration, seem to only last for ten?  Oh well I’ll just have to wait till the next time to see more I suppose.

All in all a wonderful evening as usual and I look forward to returning to The Stand in the near future. To check out what is on in both Edinburgh and Glasgow go to their website for details and also watch out for the new Stand opening inNewcastle shortly.

Reviewed by Geoff

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