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Book Review:- 'How to Produce, Perform and Write anEdinburghFringe Comedy Show' by Ian Fox - One4Review

Now I think it is fair to say that if there hadn’t been an Edinburgh Fringe then there would not have been a one4review either. Some people may think that would have been a good thing, but there was and we are still going.

Now one way or another I have been involved in the Fringe for the excess of 20 years as a punter and a reviewer, and feel I know quite a lot about what goes on during August when the world’s biggest arts festival hits the Scottish capital. But what goes on before it comes to town? And what are the pitfalls along the way that can bog down a production? When should all the behind the scene elements be put in place? What should be avoided and what is absolutely essential to make the experience go as smoothly as possible?

Well this of course I didn’t know, but thanks to reading this book I certainly am far more aware now.

The man responsible for my education, is of course Ian Fox, a comedian, writer, photographer, producer and all round good guy who I have been aware of for a few years now and it is always a pleasure when our paths cross, either during one of his shows, or even a chance encounter in The Royal Mile. I have always found him approachable and likable, and this demeanour comes across in his well written and for me very interesting book. He has taken the process of ‘doing an Edinburgh’ and broken it down into simple constituents, offering his experiences garnered over the decade he has been attending of how things should be done, with the occasional how things shouldn’t. The 150 pages are packed with examples and anecdotes but it isn’t a ‘I know it all’ type of book, merely a guide to avoiding obvious problems and I am sure that any individual or company thinking of venturing to this institution should avail themselves of this, especially if it is a first time venture.

As with all his material, much of the quality is down to the preparation, obviously, it is something Fox feels passionately about, hence the many hours of research and graft he has put into this handy reference piece. I have never had any aspiration to perform at The Fringe, but I found I could hardly put down this book such was the interest it evoked in me, so I guess if I was a person who did want to experience the phenomena then this should be a must read. 

The book can be obtained either as a down load or a hard copy version by following the links below and you will be pleased to know does not cost an arm and a leg, just a few pounds. And if you are planning a show for 2013 Fringe this investment now could save you an absolute fortune in the future. for the download and  for the print copy.

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