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And They Played Shang-a-Lang - One4Review

4 stars

More of a play with songs, this comedy recalls the memories of ‘Jim Douglas’ growing up through his teenage years in the 70s. I felt the plot line of Jim dying and his niece reading his last play isn’t really needed though, it would work well just as a narrated piece.

There are some delightfully observed moments (back when we thought we knew best) which a lot of the audience related to – trying smoking, asking girls/boys to dance, staying out late etc. The disco and nativity scenes especially were superb observations of their kind and show that nothing really changes.

The actors are all very good and gave some fantastic characters and expressions, the singing was fine too although it did get slightly pitchy at a couple of points. They clearly enjoyed themselves which is always a bonus!

Overall a great show, easy for those of us of a certain age to relate to and a great laugh whether you were around in the 70s or not.

Review by Alan

The Stand Comedy Club (Stand 3)
5-26th August (not 13)

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