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Birth Order - One4Review

3 Star


Rachel Anderson kicks off with an upbeat start, followed by explaining her interest in Birth Order. She’s one of five, with a massive wider family, and the first born.

This apparently makes her the dominant one, the alpha dog. In this room, she is firmly in command, but not through dominating, but by consistently making us laugh.

But it’s not only the first child’s psychological issues we look at. Anderson covers middle children – the family diplomats – and last ones, the “cool dudes”. Of course, in her family (and mine) that leaves a couple out, but in another similarity, both our families have the “second first child” effect of an age gap.

This theory is interesting, but also a great set up to hang material from – for example as firstborns are uptight, she doesn’t flirt well; cue a fun text relationship song. That’s not to say material is crow-barred in. Anderson has done her research, even e-mailing birth order expert William Kane about this combining with his other research – I wont spoil the surprise, because wherever you are in your family, this show might explain a few things. If not, it’ll still make you laugh.

Reviewed by Gill Smith

Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters

To 26th August

17:15 to 18:00

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