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Pete Johansson - Utopian Crack Pipe - One4Review

4 Star


Pete Johansson is one of seemingly thousands of top class Canadian comics around at the moment, and although living in the UK for a number of years and he is trying to assimilate  it seems it is impossible to take the Canadian out of him totally and especially his obsession with bears.

He has a few ideas about having them used in crowd control just may solve a few problems and save an awful lot of man hours and no little money and has some amazingly surreal ideas for new TV programmes featuring his ursine obsession.

He manages to incorporate these animals into every topic he talks about and although this may be unusual it somehow works and is endearing in its own way, although possibly a daring tactic if the crowd don’t go with him on this.

For me the strongest section was the discovery of his porn collection by this mother, who forced him into an in-depth analysis with her. You could almost feel his embarrassment yet.

All in all a very enjoyable hour, and with a rather touching ending to boot.

Reviewed by Geoff

Udderbelly Dairy Room

Until 27 August

20-40 to 21-40

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