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Chaz Royal's Sexy Circus Sideshow - One4Review

3 Star


This show is exactly what it says on the tin. An example of circus sideshows acts liberally mixed with sexy burlesque dancers, the whole shooting match loosely held together by Joe Black on the night I attended anyway.

This production obviously has a huge following of all ages and orientations, and they roared and cheered and often cringed at the goings on.

The Monsters of Schlock played a major role in proceedings, whether it was hammering nails and even a fork into the nasal cavity or stapling playing cards onto body parts to equal measures of disgust, amazement or horror from the packed out house.

The three burlesque dancers, glamorously attired, at least initially, certainly supplied the sexy and the aforementioned Black acted as ringmaster on the whole affair.

Don’t go see this if you are squeamish or a prude. Do go however if anything goes with you and you are in the need of late night entertainment.

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly George Square 3

Until 26 August

23-45 to 00-45

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