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Help! I Think I Might Be Fabulous 3*** - One4Review

Help! I Think I Might Be Fabulous 3***

| On 11, Aug 2019

Alfie Ordinary is by no means ordinary, he is fabulously camp and gracious throughout this coming of age story. Dressed in a sparkly waistcoat and shorts with his sparkly backpack and a piano in tow, he relates his story about his days at Madame LeCoq’s Prep School for Fabulous Boys.

Alfie is the son of a drag queen so this therefore makes him a prince. He loves his school and his teacher Mr O’Grady who encourages him to be his most fabulous. School assembly starts each morning with a full rendition of “ I Am What I Am”. He therefore finds it difficult to understand his muggle-born classmate John, who doesn’t seem to embrace his inner fabulousness. Alfie takes John under his wing.  “When in doubt get Whitney out” as Alfie introduces us to his fabulous sparkly puppet, Whitney Houston, who belts out a rendition of Greatest Love of All.

John perks up a little after this, but Alfie senses that John is still not comfortable with his fabulousness and is hiding it from his muggle parents, (who wear clothes from Burtons!).  John hides his secret passion from them, designing glamorous dress up clothes for his Barbie. Doll. This inspires Alfie to confess he has a secret passion, he loves football! There is a hilarious explanation from “Siri” where he uses the buying of shoes to explain the Off- Side Rule.

In a bright green sparkling robe, Alfie graduates with honours. He dedicates this success to his friend John and as he his too choked up to make an acceptance speech, he gets the help from a very animated Bette Midler puppet.

Alfie happily lives in this perfect utopia world of no discrimination and his fabulousness is catching. This uplifting show sends a strong message about not being afraid of being true to yourself.


Reviewed by Lynn

Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre


31st – 25th August

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