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Pam Ford: Happy in Your Skin Too - 3*** - One4Review

Pam Ford: Happy in Your Skin Too – 3***

| On 27, Aug 2014

This show is actually an update of Ford’s previous show “Happy in Your Skin”, but with progress between then and now. It stands alone perfectly well.

At the very start, Ford gets the audience to put pieces of paper in the bucket saying what their favourite part of themselves is, or of someone they came with. Pam then starts her set by commenting on these, with some nice audience banter.

She goes on to talk about her Brummie and Aussie childhood, her career as a hairdresser, and always trying too hard to be liked. Some moments are sad, as she talks about her self image issues of avoiding mirrors – pretty tricky in a salon, even her own one.

And finally, she talks about not trying to be someone she’s not, but getting more of the stuff she loves into her life; music, movies and travel.

In her updated ending, Ford tells us about a visitor to her show last year, who later turned out to organise her Norwegian tour! Good thing she’s happy enough in her skin to go out and enjoy it. I bet her audiences did too.

Reviewed by Gill

Laughing Horse @ City Cafe

12:30 to 1:30

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