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Chris Coltrane – Compassion is Subversive - One4Review

Chris Coltrane – Compassion is Subversive

| On 03, Aug 2013


Chris Coltrane is an activist with what might be described as anti-tory principles; this year’s superb show pokes some serious fun at some of the more idiotic policies and political events of the last year, spiced with tales from his own activist escapades and astute comments on why the tories are getting it wrong.

It’s unlikely you’ll enjoy this show if you are in any way sympathetic to the Conservative party. It’s likely you will enjoy this show if you like laughing at politicians (specifically tory ones), have a vague knowledge of politics and don’t mind your comedy having a message.

Mr Coltrane is an assured and professional performer, with huge energy and passion for his subject. Despite his protestations of a ‘shambolic’ first performance, he carried his audience with him through some minor technical issues (they might have been major for all I know, Chris made them seem insignificant). There’s a definite message in the show, but it’s less ‘come join my cult’ than ‘have you thought about this? Do you think you might want to join in some activism?’. This is comedy that has done its research and knows its facts: an engaging introduction to changing the world.

Reviewed by Laura

Globe, Niddry Street, 15:30

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