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Gusset Grippers – 3*** - One4Review

Gusset Grippers – 3***

| On 09, Aug 2013

This is not a title designed to appeal to a male audience, but there were some there, although the room was, unsurprisingly, dominated by women of a certain age, including our host, physiotherapist Elaine Devlin.

While the giggles weren’t entirely consistent, there was plenty of humour, while the information came thick and fast. Devlin packed a lot into an hour’s show – an initial 2 ½ hour show, she tells us! Some of this was also aimed at men, and frankly, pelvic floor work sounds rather more fun for them!

She also demonstrated – not with a detailed view of her own pelvic floor, but on an anatomical model, to show us exactly where our pelvic floor is, and how much work it has to do. It seems no wonder so many mums avoid the trampoline test, given the pressures involved.

Of course, most of the target audience will have had the words “pelvic floor exercises” muttered at them at some point during pregnancy, but a third of women live with regular incontinence, which, we’re told, is more common than colds.

The key, Devlin explains, is motivation, especially for tired, busy people. Try not to be so busy you miss this show. Your knickers will thank you. Oh, and relax. She makes it very clear that you can keep them on thoughout the show.

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