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Neil Delamere – Smart Bomb 5 Stars ***** - One4Review

Neil Delamere – Smart Bomb 5 Stars *****

| On 09, Aug 2013

I think the seam of talent that appears to be in Eire is one of the most fertile on the planet and up there with the best is Neil Delamere.

There are no frills with his show this year just a genuinely funny laugh out loud performer at the very top of his game and that is saying something because he is always excellent.

Okay the Gods of Comedy had smiled on him given that everyone he spoke to was ‘mental’ and to a man of his calibre this was just meat and drink. I don’t think he needed any prepared material he could have riffed off them all night, but the man had a show, in essence stories as to how numerous people may have thought a little less of him than they did a year ago.

Delamere is a born raconteur. He relates each of story which are jamb packed full of belly laughs and it is always an absolute treat to be entertained by him. Nurses, Girlfriend an ex are just three of those people who may think less of him but rest assured the whole sell out audience would not agree. He could have played for hours and it would not have been enough.


Pleasance Above

Until 25 August

21.00 to 22.00

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