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The Inventor and The Escort 4 Star **** - One4Review

The Inventor and The Escort 4 Star ****

| On 28, Aug 2013

This charming well written play for me is staged at a really strange time of the day. A noon start time? Yeah Really!

Jeffrey the once overweight inventor of sex appliances has set up a date with high class call girl Julia, a lady with a price for everything and also a list of do’s and don’ts.

The set-up a plastic beach scene, complete with inflatable palm trees, a tacky beach bar and a script for the fantasy for him to re-enact a failed episode of his life, but this time with a happy ending.

Jessica Moreno and Jaret Sacrey play the two characters with style and passion, make them both totally believable and empathetic in the script written by Matt Morillo with humour and feeling. Okay the ending is a little predictable but isn’t that the way with rom-coms?, which is in essence what this play is. The characters develop nicely as their back-stories unfold and one comes to want them to achieve their preordained destiny.

I had my doubts about the publicity material giving out the wrong impression, but this is a really worthwhile 75 minutes of any Fringe day.


Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Sportsman’s

12.00 to 13.15

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