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[title of show]

| On 25, Aug 2013

4 stars ****

This was an outstanding production of a show which actually wasn’t as good material as I’d hoped it would be.

First of all the cast are first class and give their all. They are obviously enjoying it, they can all sing and act and engage completely with both the audience and the material, even ad-libbing in-jokes about the in-jokes (at least it came across as ad-libbing, the show is so self-referential it’s impossible to actually tell on one watch).

The un-sung pianist was fantastic, the sound system spot on and it was great to have such a professional production in the Fringe.

The only downside for me was the show itself – it has been hyped so much that it was a bit of an anticlimax. Yes it is funny – very funny in fact and often in unexpected places but the uniqueness of the whole premise soon wears off a bit. The songs aren’t that tuneful with the exception of the beautiful “A Way Back to Then” and the not-quite-the-finale “Nine People’s Favourite Thing” which hits this show’s nail squarely on the head. In fact that could be the show’s actual title and perfectly sums up the whole musical theatre industry!

Excellent direction and production values make this a must-see show, but it’s not necessarily a show I would go back to see again now I’ve seen it.

Review by Alan.

Assembly Checkpoint
Until 26th August, 15:10-16:30

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