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The Brendon Burns Show 5***** - One4Review

The Brendon Burns Show 5*****

| On 16, Aug 2014

Brendon Burns is taking a low profile trip to Fringe 2014. No ‘prestigious venue’ costing thousands, he is on the Free Fringe, no huge posters,  no flyers and he has even managed to book a venue that even a Fringe veteran like me struggled to find, but the show I attended was packed full of Burns’ real fans, the guys and gals that get him and are not pretentious in anyway.

Burns has never shied away from any material and is always willing to take on a dare, as his finale demonstrates, but as with all the stuff he has done the ultimate showman comedian makes it work and work oh so well.

The first two thirds of the set was him addressing things that he felt passionately such as child abuse, pretentious skinny jeaned peers, Americans, flatulence and times before the internet are a few of the subjects on the day, but the show is a one off it changes daily.

His closing sequence is Arnie doing stand-up and probably garnered more laughs than anything. There are not too many comics who have the kahunas to attempt such a stunt but then there is only one Brendon Burns.

So get out the sat nav, find his cellar below a cellar, it’s really quite nice inside and witness a true exponent of the best in sometimes very edgy comedy. Just a master of his craft!

Reviewed by Geoff

Liquid Rooms Annex (entry off Cowgate)

18.15 to 19.15



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