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Ellie Taylor Elliementary 4**** - One4Review

Ellie Taylor Elliementary 4****

| On 02, Aug 2014


Ellie Taylor is a onetime model from Essex, don’t judge no airhead here, Miss Taylor is a very clever and lucid comedian who you may have seen on TV a couple of years ago on ‘Show me the Funny’ the kind of X Factor for stand-up comics.

Although it was a show at noon, hardly the ideal time for a comedy show, it was the first day of her run every seat in the e

Okay I guess it is fair to say is that she isn’t a ground breaking comic, there is little message in her hour, but what is there in abundance is material, funny, poignant, often self-deprecating, but always funny and entertaining. But do be prepared to listen hard, she does talk rather quickly!! The audience certainly did that in this show and they had plenty to feel happy about.

As the hour drew to a conclusion the crowd were advised of the Free Festival policy of collecting a voluntary donation on the wayout. Nobody could have grudged her the money I’m sure.

Reviewed by Geoff

The Counting House

12.00 to 13.00


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