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Richard Brown: This Is Not for You 3*** - One4Review

Richard Brown: This Is Not for You 3***

| On 02, Aug 2014

This show is also not for idiots who come out from the bar for a smoke and then stay to ruin the show for both the performer and the audience who are entirely not interested in your inane ‘heckling’. In the face of these and other adversities (including wind, rain and cold) Mr Brown acquitted himself admirably. (Insulting mean-spirited hecklers in such a way they don’t understand and just leave, but the audience finds funny, is definitely a good start).

This is intelligent and thoughtful comedy, slow to come to fruition, but no less funny for that. Richard is friendly and chatty – both before the show when the audience was arriving, and in his style of delivery. This is comedy with bits of the veneer peeled away so you can see through to the structure underneath to see how it works: sometimes the structure is just there, and sometimes Richard draws your attention to it, because it’s another layer to the funny.

Elements beyond his control meant this show was difficult on occasion. When confident and in full flow, with belief in the strength of his material, Richard showed great potential to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable show.

Reviewed by Laura

Hotel Ibis Edinburgh Centre South Bridge (Venue 303), 12:00


  1. Katie

    Saw this show yesterday and loved it – despite the inappropriateness of the venue for comedy and the small crowd it never once felt uncomfortable, Richard was warm, engaging and genuinely funny. We’d never seen or heard of him, we just took a chance and I’d encourage others to do the same – he deserves bigger crowds, it’s really good!

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