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Claire Ford: ConsciousMess 4**** - One4Review

Claire Ford: ConsciousMess 4****

| On 03, Aug 2014

If I were only allowed one word to describe this show, it would be ‘chaotic’, but in that way that some performers have of making you believe in the chaos, but retaining the feeling of safety and a performer in complete control. Were I allowed more words, I would also use unpredictable, and definitely fun.

Claire Ford presents a series of characters from the edge, and she’s really good at embodying them all. Her facial expressions tell so many stories and her accents are consistent for their duration. What shone through all of the characters was a warmth and friendliness that drew the audience in and kept them on her side, even when she was throwing wet tennis balls at us (I genuinely thought that was hilarious).

Ms Ford was assured and confident throughout, even against the technical issues (she made them funny too). A lovely show.

Reviewed by Laura

St John’s (Venue 202), 13:15

(St John’s is the one with the big Freestival sign saying Barbados. Took me ages to work it out – Laura)

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