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Francesco De Carlo - Italians Do It Later 3*** - One4Review

Francesco De Carlo – Italians Do It Later 3***

| On 19, Aug 2014

Stand-up is never an easy thing to do. Playing a late night gig in the aptly named Pleasance Bunker is not the best place to perform, but to do it when English is not your first language takes a lot of bottle.

Francesco De Carlo is an Italian stand-up and TV personality who is taking on all the above and coming out the other side with credit.

The smallish crowd who attended this Sunday night gig warmed to him, he asked questions as to what we knew about Berlusconi was his bunga bunga parties and although a proud Italian was not shy about references to his country’s failings especially those like unemployment, corruption, the church, laziness, tardiness and in particular the poor TV.

De Carlo also had some issues with the UK too, in particular the weather and the food and a few comments about football maybe forgetting he was in Scotland and Capello had never managed our national team.

He is an enjoyable comic to watch and his occasional slip with English did not detract from a well-rounded performance. Hopefully we will see him again on these shores before long.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Bunker

22.50 to 23.50


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