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The Umbilical Brothers - KiDSHow (not for kids) 4**** - One4Review

The Umbilical Brothers – KiDSHow (not for kids) 4****

| On 10, Aug 2014

This is an extremely funny show which is definitely not for kids. The Umbilical Brothers, Shane Douglas and David Collins have so much energy and I completely admired the fact they could race around the stage like hyperactive children and maintain the momentum throughout the show.

The premise of the show is them allegedly thinking they are puting on a kids show but soon realise, with the help of the imaginary fourth wall behind the stage, that they are actually performing to adults. They are fantastic mime artists, although at one part Shane has lost this ability and needs to go and score some mime at the docks with the ensuing scene being absolutely hilarious and intelligently crafted.

They pack so much into the hour; it really is physical comedy at its best, professionally performed and very original. As well as slapstick and mime their vocal sounds are outstanding with the underwater act deserving particular praise. There was just so much going on in the show it’s difficult to scratch the surface with a review, suffice to say I would definitely recommend you go along and see for yourself. The only part of the show I wasn’t quite as keen on was the scenario involving the Brady Bunch, it started well but I felt it dragged on a little.

Reviewed by Sharon

Gilded Balloon Debating Hall

19.30 to 20.30


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