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Zoe Lyons – Mustard Cutter 5**** - One4Review

Zoe Lyons – Mustard Cutter 5****

| On 09, Aug 2014

Zoe Lyons is no stranger to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival having graced here for many a year and I guess various TV appearances on the likes of Mock The Week, so on what is traditionally Black Wednesday her show was one that was still doing great business. I squeezed into the venue and like everyone was entertained royally throughout her hour.

Zoe is always a funny lady, she writes good gags, is a keen observationalist and yes she likes a moan at times too, but whatever is happening in the set, laughter is never more than a few seconds away.

The subject material within the piece include middle lane road hogs, balaclavas, wine, foreign liqueurs, relationships, panpipes and her recent house move, but these are just an example of topics this constantly on the move comic turns her talented mind to. Occasionally some of her lines come so thick and fast it would be possible to miss a gem so listen hard it is definitely worth it.

If Ms Lyons opens with a Vegas entrance cause it always makes her feel better, fair enough but this hour certainly did it for me. Zoe Lyons certainly does cut the mustard.

Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Dining Room

19.00 to 20.00



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