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John Robbins: Speakeasy 4**** - One4Review

John Robbins: Speakeasy 4****

| On 17, Aug 2015

Although I was aware that John Robins was on the comedy scene it was the first time I had seen him perform. He is a very pleasant guy and captivates this sell-out crowd in the converted lecture theatre within moments of his set commencing.

He doesn’t have much of a message in his show, the predominate theme is during his girlfriend’s absence, he expects his flat to be a lads fest, but things get it the way, and certain internet browsing history could have caused embarrassment if she discovers it.

He has the appeal to endear himself to all ages and outlooks and other than the aforementioned subjects talks about bin bags, drinking, Gmail, Twitter profiles and a hilarious section on fellow passengers on a plane who on the surface were obnoxious, but were they in reality?

Okay none of the subjects were ground breaking, but Robins has crafted his material well, it is constantly getting laughs and there is a genuine aura of pleasure both from the stage and from the audience throughout the gig.

It is always good to find a new name to add to the ‘must see’ list and John Robins is certainly now added to mine.


Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly George Square Studio 5

Until 30 August

20.00 to 22.00


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