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Mad Ron- Crime School 4**** - One4Review

Mad Ron- Crime School 4****

| On 19, Aug 2023

Meet Mad Ron, the ex convict and self confessed Phil Mitchell lookalike greets you into his class, donkey jacket, boots and pint in hand. Get ready to be inducted into his seedy school of crime!

Once seated, you get the sense you’re sitting in some secret pub basement attending an illegal underworld meeting. Ron begins with the Lord’s Prayer, Mad Ron style! A hilarious beginning that sets the tone for the rest of the lecture.
He sets the record straight why we have ginger cricketers and the proud moment when his son confirms he’s not straight in the criminal sense of the word. His message system is quite unique giving a hilarious insight into how criminals deliver their mail!

Ron then cleverly explains monetary terms in cockney rhyme, confusing but very well done. He discusses prison food and how it’s important to get your five a day, but Ron’s 5 a day isn’t the fruit and veg we are used to!

After more subtle hilarity regarding silent discos and Christmas in a criminals house, he goes on to thank the Police for rounding up the Amateur criminals and leaving the professionals alone.
With stories about some interesting inmates and the etiquette of when to use out of order, well out of order and bang out of order explained, Ron completes his criminal master class.

A truly intimidating down to the ground performance complete with trainee court artist makes this an enjoyable and funny show to see.

Reviewed by Steve
Assembly- George Square, The Box
22.35 (1hr)
Until 27 Aug

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