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Beats on Pointe - 5***** - One4Review

Beats on Pointe – 5*****

| On 20, Aug 2023

A single dancer takes the stage to proclaim the message and why they are here. Dance is their love, they breathe it and it’s all they do and want to do and with that, we are captivated with what will come next. From the grit of hip-hop to the grace of ballet, this production presents a delightful showcase of dance that everyone will love.

As nine dancers emerge in stark black costumes and some with shimmering ballet skirts we understand immediately that genres are about to be thrown upside down. Their routines are a mix of robotic precision and smooth synchronisation which flows seamlessly from classical to techno, ballet to street dance.

A roller-coaster of dance genres unfolds, from a dance-off where the breakdancers’ synchronisation meets ballerina elegance, to the comical slow-motion reaction to the ballet team’s final results. The sultry spotlight duet, the spirited ’80s American street scene with breakdancers flipping, and the riveting robot dance showcase the seemingly endless talent on stage.

Moments like a ballerina moonwalking to Billie Jean and the jilted lover trying to dance his way back into the heart of a woman scorned showcase the range and depth of the production. The doesn’t take itself too seriously and often pokes fun at genres whilst also being technically brilliant at them. From routines that take you back to 90’s music videos to ballet renditions of swan lake with a whimsical twist this show is a dance lovers’ dream with something for everyone.

Concluding with a high-octane finale, Beats on Pointe proves itself as a masterclass of dance deserving of every applause it receives. Don’t miss this thrilling joyride.

Reviewed by Matthew
Assembly George Square Theatre – Gordon Aikman Theatre
Until 28 Aug

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