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Goblin's Peter and the Wolf 4**** - One4Review

Goblin’s Peter and the Wolf 4****

| On 09, Aug 2017

Performed in the quite lovely Assembly Square Gardens, Goblin’s Peter and the Wolf tells the story of a young boy named Peter and his adventure though the forest. Peter and Grandad have gone camping, and Peter has been warned to stay away from the bad wolf. He decides, however, to go exploring and encounters various creatures.
This show is musical theatre for children at its finest. Peter plays a variety of instruments throughout, and uses a loop pedal to create songs whilst on the stage, something that my daughter found fascinating. The second actor on stage plays the joint roles of Grandad and the wolf, and does so beautifully. She was thoroughly convincing as grumpy Grandad, and has a powerful voice.
The young audience watching the show were engaged throughout. There was just enough audience participation to stop it from veering into pantomime territory, and the duo on stage made good use of the props.
At one point the wolf sings a song about being vegan, which didn’t quite fit in with the overall performance. I often find messages like this in children’s performances unnecessary and at times irritating. That aside, Peter in the Wolf is a lovely piece of children’s theatre.

Reviewed by Claire

Assembly George Square Gardens
11am. August 9-17.

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