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Yuck Circus 5***** - One4Review

Yuck Circus 5*****

| On 07, Aug 2023


Yuck is a pure powerhouse of provocative performance. Unapologetically bold and daring, we begin the show with Beyoncé setting the tone for the ride ahead. Wearing only underwear, our act brings an exploration into what it means to be a woman in a world of toxic masculinity and cultural norms.


Our introduction sees our casts dressed as ‘the boys’ with drawn-on moustaches and moving through the tropes of a boys’ night out; fisty cuffs, bicep kisses and the like. This set piece mocks the machismo whilst also showing off our performers own strength, dexterity and raw power. Yuck is a rollercoaster ride of raucous revelations, they dive into taboo topics (somehow still in 2023) like menstruation, toilet etiquette and body positivity. There is a constant balance of comedy and poignant social commentary that result in a performance that is brutally honest and hilarious both at once.


Whether it’s hula-hooping drinking stories or the tragic tale about Bruce, ‘mostly a good man’ we see a smorgasbord of spectacle and talent abound. One piece starts as a somewhat chilling musical number that quickly descends into hilarity combined with an aerial display that somehow manages to seamlessly combine acrobatics and perfect comedy timing.


The cast move through stories that explore provocative metaphors that are subtle and some rather more explicit. This may be overly aggressive sexts or the pitfalls of pick-up lines that feel like a nail in the face, the show is constantly challenging our preconceptions.


The show ended with a well-earned standing ovation and I imagine it does every day as it should. This show is an exhilarating fusion of comedy and circus that is unmissable.


Reviewed by Matthew

Assembly George Square – Palais Du Variete

16.20 (50 mins)

Until 28 Aug (not 14 or 21)

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