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Chris Kent: Stop Stalling 3*** - One4Review

Chris Kent: Stop Stalling 3***

| On 26, Aug 2015

This was my first time seeing Chris Kent at the Fringe and it was a nice, relaxed enjoyable hour. The deadpan Irish comedian is a good story teller who really knows how to spin a yarn. His show is based mainly around his recent marriage, he’s been with his now wife for 10 years so certainly can’t be accused of rushing things.

There are anecdotes about the proposal in New York, the wedding itself, the speeches, with his wife doing an impromptu little set and steeling his thunder, and joke. There are also amusing tales from their honeymoon experiences such as the Grand Canyon Tour and Michael Jackson tribute act. After their time in Vegas and the annoyance of the tipping that’s expected there, not to mention extortion, he thought they would be safe with their all inclusive stay in Mexico, however he found he still couldn’t get away from the American’s and their irritating ‘ways’. He tells how he and a fellow guest managed to bond over common ground between the Irish and African American heritage and how he eventually got his own back. His stories were funny and relatable and he worked the audience well. Nothing ground breaking but neither was it hard work, just a pleasant show with lots of laughs suitable for all ages.


Reviewed by Sharon

Assembly George Square Studio 4

Until 31st Aug

18.35 to 19.35


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